Luke: Introduction

Bible Study @ Hurst Gospel Hall

Author: John Whitmarsh
Added: 2015-05-26

The gospel according to Luke


A series of meetings at Hurst from June 2013 onwards




Below is a proposed schedule for a new venture and adventure that we have planned for the coming months in the will of the Lord. We are conscious that our gospel meetings are unstructured and recognise that there is a place for such an approach as the Spirit of God is allowed to direct. We do not despise the method of inviting speakers to allow the Lord to lead them to preach from a passage given to them, however, we also recognise that the Spirit of God is well able to use consecutive teaching to bring the gospel message to those in need and to encourage newly converted souls. It is to this end that the church has decided to look at the life, death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus, for there is no better subject than He. We will consider Him as described in the gospel according to Luke. Many will know that we have considered what John the gospel writer had to say about the Lord Jesus in Bible readings concentrating on his gospel account held here on selected Tuesday evenings. We propose doing the same with this particular account and follow it through verse by verse just as God intended that His book should be read.


There are 1151 verses in Luke and almost 20,000 words so that to consider every single word would take years but what we have before us is the first part of the book broken down into a good number of sections and the plan is that for two of the gospel meetings in each month we will follow this programme as best we can. It is not set in stone. There may be some flexibility within the programme but there is a programme. Some may combine 2 sections or more in the one week. One of these meetings will be the family service. The other will probably be the third Sunday in each month. It is hoped that there will be enough interest to follow the story concerning the Lord Jesus as it builds up over the months. I hope that you will be inspired to join us on each occasion and to ask for any notes that have been written so that you can follow the bit that was missed and maintain continuity. I for one will keep all that is given to me in a book on this topic.


Whether the division of the book and the headings for each section make sense is for the reader to decide. There are many sections and it may make sense to divide the book into 24 as the scripture does:


Chapter 1 - He shall be great

Chapter 2 - For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given

Chapter 3 - Baptism

Chapter 4 - Temptation

Chapter 5 - Follow Me

Chapter 6 - Life is fragile handle with prayer

Chapter 7 - National deficiencies

Chapter 8 - Power over the devil, danger, demons, disease and death

Chapter 9 - More of His power

Chapter 10 - Priorities

Chapter 11 - Watching the Saviour

Chapter 12 - Beware, beware

Chapter 13 - Be focussed

Chapter 14 - Suppers ready

Chapter 15 - Gods love

Chapter 16 - Money, money, money

Chapter 17 - Forgiveness, Faith and Thankfulness

Chapter 18 - Approach To God

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24



A journey through Lukes gospel account


Key verse:Luke 19.10 For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.


Theme: The Son of Man dealing with the sons of men.


Simple breakdown of the book:

   1-3.20 Early life

   3.21 -9.50 Public ministry

   9.51-19.27 Final journey to Jerusalem

   19.28- end Final week and ascension


Programme: Sections with their titles and a suggested gospel phrase from within each section


1. Early life


Week 1 Introduction and reason for writing Luke 1.1-4. the things most surely believed among us JW 160613


Week 2 The promise of John the Baptist Luke 1.5-25 to make ready a people for the Lord JB 230613


Week 3 The promise of the Lord Jesus Luke 1.26-38 He shall be great V. Michael 070713


Week 4 Mothers meeting Luke 1.39-56 my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour M. Hall 210713


Week 5 John is born Luke 1.57-80 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for He hath visited and redeemed His people A. Michael 040813


Week 6 The Lord Jesus is born Luke 2. 1-20 For unto you is born . a Saviour which is Christ the Lord. DS 180813


Week 7 Simeons testimony Luke 2.21-40 For mine eyes have seen thy salvation JB 250813


Week 8 Twelve years old Luke 2.41-52 Wist ye not that I must be about my Fathers business? JC 010913


Week 9 Johns ministry begins Luke 3.1-20 But one mightier than I cometh Steve Davies 080913


2. Public ministry


Week 10 The Lord Jesus is baptised Luke 3.21-38 Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased Paul Cogger 150913


Week 11 The Lord Jesus is tested Luke 4.1-13 Man shall not live but by every word of God. DS 290913


Week 12 Not accepted in Galilee Luke 4.14-32 He hath anointed me to preach the gospel NT 061013


Week 13 The miracle worker Luke 4.33-44 and he laid his hands on every one of them D. Rudge 201013


Week 14 Fishers of fish to fishers of men Luke 5.1-11 Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord. JC 271013


Week 15 I will be thou clean Luke 5.12-16 I will: be thou clean RR 031113

Week 16 Rise up and walk Luke 5.17-26 Thy sins be forgiven thee J. Hall 171113


Week 17 Follow Me Luke 5.27-39 I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance NT 241113


Week 18 What is lawful? Luke 6.1-11 The Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath DS 011213


Week 19 Praying before important decisions Luke 6.12-19 He healed them all JB 291213


Week 20 Be attitudes Part 1 Luke 6.20-35 (changed to verse 38)He is kind to the unthankful and the

evil. RR 050114


Week 21 Be attitudes Part 2 Luke 6.36-49 Why call ye me Lord, Lord & do not the things that I say?

NT 120114


Week 22 A centurion blessed Luke 7.1-10 I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. Eric Grover



Week 23 Arise Luke 7.11-17 He had compassion on her Jon Simms 020214


Week 24 Of John the Baptist Luke 7.18-35 A friend of publicans and sinners Tony Ruddle 230214


Week 25 Appreciating & deprecating Christ Luke 7.36-50 Thy faith hath saved thee. NT 160214


Week 26 The sower Luke 8.1-15 The seed is the word of God David Angell 020314


Week 27 We perish Luke 8.16-25 Where is your faith? Tim Briercliffe 160314


Week 28 Demons Luke 8.26-40 sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind

JC 230314


Week 29 Disease Luke 8.41-48 touched the border of his garment RR 060414


Week 30 Death Luke 8.49-56 Trouble not the Master RR 060414


Week 31 Others also Luke 9.1-11 His disciples were sent to them that had need Josh Davies



Week 32 5000 fed Luke 9.12-17 Send them away NT 250514


Week 33 Who am I? Luke 9.18-27 Whom say ye that I am? NT 250514


Week 34 Transfigured Luke 9.28-36 spake of his decease that he should accomplish at

Jerusalem James Colledge 010614


Week 35 Powerless yet a desire for power Luke 9.37-50 whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me

JC 080614


3. Final journey


Week 36 Final journey Luke 9.51-62 not to destroy mens lives but to save them Marcus Hall



Week 37 Labourers sent Luke 10.1-16 he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me

Charlie Thomas 060714


Week 38 Labourers return Luke 10.17-24 rejoice that your names are written in heaven Graham

Butler 200714


Week 39 The Good Samaritan Luke 10. 25-39 came where he was JB 270714


Week 40 Martha Luke 10.38-42 sat at Jesus feet and heard His word Matthew Butler



Week 41 Praying Luke 11.1-13 How much more will your heavenly Father give Paul

Cogger 170814


Week 42 Stronger than evil Luke 11.14-28 Blessed are they that hear the word of God and keep it

JW 310814


Week 43 Greater than Luke 11.29-36 a greater than Solomon (Jonas too) is here

JC 070914


Week 44 Rebuking Pharisees and lawyers Luke 11.37-54 ye. pass over the judgment and love of God

JB 280914


Week 45 Beware of pseudo-sprirituality Luke 12.1-12 Fear him which..hath power to cast into hell RR 051014


Week 46 Beware of materialism Luke 12.13-21 a mans life consisteth not in the abundance of the things that he posseseth Tony Ruddle 121014


Week 47 Beware of fear and negligence Luke 12.22-40 seek ye the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you Nathan Moore 191014


Week 48 Beware of complacency Luke 12.41-53 Blessed is that servant whom the Lord when he cometh

shall find so doing Did not cover this section.


Week 49 Beware of impending judgment Luke 12.54-59 How is it that ye do not discern this time? DS 021114


Week 50 Repent or perish Luke 13.1-9 Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish J. Hall 161114


Week 51 All His adversaries ashamed Luke 13.10-17 She could in no wise lift up herself NT 231114


Week 52 Jerusalem, Jerusalem Luke 13.18-35 Are there few that be saved? Josh Davies 301114


Week 53 Humility Luke 14.1-14 He that humbleth himself shall be exalted JW 071214


Week 54 Excuses, excuses Luke 14.15-24 Come for all things are ready JC 141214


Week 55 Counting the cost Luke 14.25-35 Whosoever doth not bear his cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple RR 040115


Week 56 Lost sheep and lost silver Luke 15.1-10 Rejoice with me for I have found my sheep that was lost

Alan Michael 180115


Week 57 Lost son Luke 15.11-32 Father I have sinned against heaven Graham Butler



Week 58 Mammon Luke 16.1-13 Ye cannot serve God and mammon Dan Mistry 010215


Week 59 Beware of self sufficiency Luke 16.14-31 Neither will they be persuaded JW 080215


Week 60 Offences/Increase our faith Luke 17.1-10 If he repent, forgive him


Week 61 Ten lepers Luke 17.11-19 Master, have mercy on us


Week 62 The kingdom of God Luke 17. 20-37 The one shall be taken and the other left


Week 63 Pray without ceasing Luke 18.1-8 shall he find faith on the earth?


Week 64 Trust in God and let children come Luke 18.9-17 God be merciful to me a sinner


Week 65 The dangers of riches Luke 18.18-30 Who then can be saved?


Week 66 Nearing Jericho Luke 18.31-43 Have mercy on me


Week 67 Zacchaeus Luke 19.1-10 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save


Week 68 Ten pounds Luke 19.11-27 Occupy till I come



4. Final week and ascension



Week 69 Entry into Jerusalem Luke 19.28-48 Thou knewest not the time of thy visitation


Week 70 The Son rejected Luke 20.1-19 I will send my beloved son


Week 71 Caesar invoked Luke 20.20-26 Render to Caesar the things that are Caesars.


Week 72 Whose wife is she? Luke 20.27-39 and are the children of God


Week 73 Christ is Davids Lord Luke 20.41-47 David therefore calleth him Lord


Week 74 In the temple Luke 21.1-7 And he saw also a certain poor widow


Week 75 End times Luke 21.8-19 Many shall come in my name


Week 76 More about the end times Luke 21.20-38 Watch ye therefore


Week 77 Judas the betrayer Luke 22.1-6 Satan entered into Judas


Week 78 Passover and Lords Supper Luke 22.7-30 blood, which is shed for you


Week 79 The immediate future predicted Luke 22.31-38 He was reckoned among the transgressors


Week 80 Praying in the Mount of Olives Luke 22.39-46 Not my will, but thine, be done


Week 81 Judas betrayal Luke 22.47-53 This is your hour and the power of darkness


Week 82 Peters denial Luke 22.54-62 Peter went out, and wept bitterly


Week 83 Mocked, smitten and at the council Luke 22.63-71 Art thou the Christ? Art thou the Son of God?


Week 84 Pilate then Herod Luke 23.1-12 I find no fault in this man


Week 85 The crowds triumph Luke 23.13-25 I find no cause of death in him


Week 86 Crucifixion Luke 23. 26-44 There they crucified him


Week 87 Death and burial Luke 23.44-56 Certainly this was a righteous man


Week 88 Resurrection Luke 24.1-12 Why seek ye the living among the dead


Week 89 Emmaus road Luke 24.13-33 And their eyes were opened and they knew him


Week 90 Another appearance Luke 24.34-43 Handle me and see


Week 91 Scriptures fulfilled and ascension Luke 24.44-53 It behoved Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead


By way of introduction we need to ask why there were four gospel accounts written. Why not make do with one? Suppose a biography of the queen was to be written. Has there been just one biography written? Any given biography could concentrate on her service to this nation as its queen, or it could focus on her and her family, or her wealth, or her various houses and castles, or her royal trips or a combination of all these aspects of her life. In the same way, were the biography to be about you there would be many aspects to your life to cover. With the Lord Jesus and in a far greater way there are many facets to His life. The queen could never be described as God. The Lord Jesus is. The queen could be described as a servant. Though the Lord Jesus is God He is described as a servant not only of the nation of Israel but of God. The queen could be described as a woman and her father, who was king from 1936-1952, as a man. The Lord Jesus, though God, is described as a man. The queens father was king of England. So, too, the Lord Jesus was the king of the Jews. And so in but a few sentences we have king, servant, man and God that all apply to the Lord Jesus. Matthew concentrates on describing Him as king. Mark in his biography concentrates on His servant character. Luke focuses on Him as the perfect man and John highlights His deity He is God. Now this is not new teaching. There are stained glass windows in churches up and down our land that were made for when not as many people were able to read as can these days. Many have this teaching embedded in them.


In the same way as the writer of a book about the queen would have to consider the reader of the book so too with each gospel account. Matthew wrote for the Jew, Mark for the Roman, Luke for the Greek and possibly because he was Greek himself. John embraced them all and wrote to the whosoever. That is not to say that because we are not Greek there is nothing in the book for us for there is plenty and more than we will ever exhaust. What is being said is that there is a style in the writing. Luke was a doctor, a beloved physician, as the epistle by Paul to the Colossians describes him and this is significant, too. A doctor needs to show great attention to detail. Luke did that as he wrote. More so than the other writers he mentioned dates of events so that we would be clear when such events took place. One such date is given in the fifth verse of this first chapter. As a doctor he would be well acquainted with sicknesses and diagnoses. Luke mentions them throughout his book. Hopefully some of this will be explained as we work through the text. As a doctor he would have seen much human suffering. No other gospel writer mentions widows as much as Luke does. Indeed in an age when women did not have the same place in society as they now enjoy, Luke constantly refers to women and showing their importance to the Lord Jesus. There are, for instance, a good dozen individual or groups of women to whom Luke refers that the others omit from their record.