Return to JAM 2021!

hat is happening with J.A.M?

We are back at Hurst Gospel Hall from Monday the 19th April at 6.15pm

Due to the changes in government guidance (released Monday 12th April) from Monday the 19th April we will now be meeting together again at the Gospel Hall.

ill there be an online version too?

No – sadly there will no longer be an online version of JAM.

After careful consideration, we do not feel we can provide both options and therefore we will no longer be running JAM online.

hat can I expect?

The same great fun, Bible Stories, quizzes, prizes (and some singing)

Although there are still some remaining government restrictions and guidance impacting what we can do, we expect to run JAM at Hurst Gospel Hall as near to normal as possible. We will continue to review government advice and respond to it at all times.

ho can come to JAM?

You! However, until at least the end of May we ask you to please let us know you’re planning to come to JAM each week (please Text or Ring Tina on 07815 304031)

Whilst we certainly will not turn you away, there are considerations on the total number of children that can attend, and ensuring we all have fun at JAM together safely. Therefore, at least until the end of May we request you contact Tina in advance to let us know you plan to come along that week.

hen should I NOT come to JAM?

If you or anyone in your house has COVID related symptoms or has been told to self-isolate please do not come to JAM.

hat do I need to bring to JAM?

Please ensure you have some warmer clothes as we will be outside more

As it is still recommended to be outside as much as possible (and as being outside allows us to sing) we will try and use the outside carpark space where suitable. Therefore please bring a coat or extra layer as it can still be a little chilly between 6.15pm and 7.15pm.

hat will happen when I arrive at JAM?

We will be using the carpark as much as possible, so children should be dropped off at the gate and parents/carers should stay at the roadside.

We will be welcoming all children each week at the gates to the carpark, regardless of the weather. If the weather permits, we will also be starting JAM in the carpark and so the gates will remain shut. Please drop off the children at the gate – and parents/carers should not enter the carpark.

hat extra protective measure will there be?

Children do not need to wear masks, we will use outside (where possible), hand gel will be used – and we will seek to provide social distancing (whenever appropriate)

There is no requirement for children below senior school age to wear masks. We will ask children to use hand gel a few times each evening and will try to use the outside space as much as possible. We will seek to limit unnecessary contact and encourage social distancing between the children. We will also have 2 teams throughout JAM each week, and those 2 teams will remain distanced throughout the evening. Where possible, we will also try to ensure children in the 2 teams remain consistent week by week. We shall also be keeping a record of every adult and child attending to assist the Governments "Track and Trace" system should it be required. With all that said, we do not expect any of these things to be obvious or impact the fun we have each week at JAM!

hat will happen when I leave JAM?

Please collect the children promptly from the gate to the carpark at 7.15pm.

We will end with an activity in the carpark (weather permitting) and the children can leave directly from there. Please collect the children on-time at 7.15pm.

e all hope to see you soon!!!

About Monday Childrens Club

J.A.M is our Childrens Club that we hold every Monday night (during school term times) at 6:15pm in Hurst Gospel Hall.

We have loads of fun every week with quizzes, prizes, singing and great stories from the Bible, but don't take our word for it, why not come along and see for yourself.

If you want to know more about J.A.M please get in contact with us. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions. Hope to see you soon.

Activity Leaders:
Jon and Tina Colman: 07815 304031
John and Hilary Whitmarsh: 0118 377 3308