CONNECT is our new Monthly Friday Night young peoples club at Hurst Gospel Hall. Running once a month on Fridays from 7pm through to 8.30pm we will be playing games, socialising, eating and most of - having fun.

Our Friday evening will finish with a short talk from the Bible on a relevant topic for young people.

The club is for young people of Senior School age and if you'd like to come and join us you'd be very welcome.

Activity Leaders:
Jon and Tina Colman: 0118 969 4240
John and Hilary Whitmarsh: 0118 377 3308

The following are the currently planned dates for Friday Night CONNECT:

CONNECT - Upcoming Dates:
September:Friday 22nd September
October:Friday 20th October
November:Friday 24th November
December:Saturday 23rd December
(Special Chistmas Y.P Service @ Maidenhead)